Rob Pyne proposes Flying Fox solution: Build a Tourist viewing platform!

Cairns Councillor Rob Pyne has called for a fresh and smarter approach to the CBD Flying Fox colony, calling the current relocation Styx Big Trees Viewing Platform P Ontatzisproposal “a waste of tourism dollars”.

“I’m calling for the construction of a viewing platform near the Cairns library, creating a new tourist attraction in the CBD,” said Clr Pyne.

“Instead of spending your tax dollars chasing the Cairns colony from tree to tree, I’m sugggesting we make the most of this opportunity and create a new attraction.”
“This is a chance for visitors to see our wildlife on the doorstep of their Hotels.”
Clr Pyne says the cost of a ‘viewing platform’ is a cheaper option than the forced relocation of the Flying Fox colony proposed by the current Council.
“If the colony is moved from the library it will just move to another spot in Cairns, maybe down near the Hilton.  The relocation proposal doesn’t say where they will go.  It’s not an effective solution.”
“I want to make the most of a natural asset and increase the variety of activities available in the City Centre.”
Clr Pyne has called on Council to work with local tourism operators to make the most of the opportunity.
“A viewing platform will benefit our tourism industry and solves the expensive problem of chasing bats from tree to tree.”
“Tourists already gather to watch the colony come into roost around 6pm.  It’s an amazing sight.”
“We just have to make a little effort and we can maximise this drawcard.”

13 Comments on “Rob Pyne proposes Flying Fox solution: Build a Tourist viewing platform!

  1. Good idea. I would definetly make the effort to visit this next time I am in the area. Good on ya for looking for a better solution and working with the bats instead of against them!

  2. Great idea, make the most of a natural asset that plays such a significant role in maintaining the health & well being of the community. Common sense at last

  3. Fantastic idea why shouldn’t we show off these beautiful creatures and show Cairns as a forward thinking city . Behind it 100%.

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