Cairns Police Cross Cultural Team have their sea legs!


Local police liaison officers with Chief Research Officer of Japanese vessel the Tenyo Maru, Mr Enoshima

Earlier this month, officers from the Cross Cultural Liaison Office farewelled the Japanese Fisheries and Research Vessel, the Tenyo Maru.

The vessel with 30 staff and 50 students had been in the Marshall Islands and Cairns areas for some 69 days conducting research and a feasibility study into Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), which if found viable and then implemented, it will lead the way with clean renewable energy.

Senior Constable Xena Reeves, Japanese Police Liaison Officer (PLO) Keiko Berry and Chinese PLO Pepsi Li were given a full tour of the ship by the Captain, Mr Kamano and the Chief Research Officer Mr Enoshima.

The Cross Cultural Liaison team work closely with international groups in an effort to strengthen relationships to benefit our community.

The ship is expected to arrive back in the Japan on December 25 in time to spend Christmas with their families.

For more information about the work the Far North Cross Cultural Liaison Office contact ph: 40404900.


L-R: Senior Constable Xena Reeves, PLO Keiko Berry, Chief Research Officer Mr Enoshima, Captain of the Japanese Vessel, Tenyo Maru, Mr Kamano and PLO Pepsi Li


Japanese Vessel, The Tenyo Maru


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