Failure to Provide Entertainment Centre will be shown as an HISTORIC FAILURE!

While opposition to the Cairns Entertainment Precinct delivered a ‘short term political gain’ to a very ‘small group of people’, as we approach the start of 2014 the Cairns Community is left to count the cost.

In 2011 Council achieved an unprecedented financial agreement, signed off by all three levels of government, for a new Entertainment Centre. It was an agreement that cleared every hurdle and offered clear and undeniable financial benefit to Cairns!

Subject to an orchestrated campaign of lies and misinformation,  candidates for Council and State Office faced a test of character. Asked their position on the much maligned CEP, a small number of candidates put the city’s interest first, but most prioritised getting their own ‘political carcass’ over the line.

As a result Cairns missed out on a fantastic new facility, as following the elections of March and April 2012 a new Council and new Member for Cairns reneged on the signed agreement. Credible mentions need to be given to Councillors Leu, Bates, Cooper and Pyne, who (as the below resolution shows)  put Civic interests first:


With existing state projects such as the Cruise Liner Terminal, Cairns Highway Upgrade and Cairns Base Hospital Upgrade, either complete of entering later stages of construction, the economic impact of LOSING the CEP money (and CBD funding) was a real economic blow to Cairns!


As we approach 2014, the political pendulum will swing and those who enjoyed their ‘short term success’ in 2014 will have the political ‘blow torch’ applied to them. So how do the majority on Council (and presumably the Member for Cairns) propose to replace our Civic Theater? This is the resolution they formulated and passed:

Manning_Theatre_ReaolutionIn light of the above resolution, the question will surely be asked of the Mayor “how are you going at securing that funding for our new theater?”

Cr. Rob Pyne said, “I am not optimistic at all. The money the Schier Council secured was at the height of the Global Financial Crisis. Canberra was desperate to spend money in the regions, and eventually the state came on board. Those days are gone now. Canberra is cutting expenditure and the State Government has no vision for Regional Queensland.” He concluded, “The tragedy is not just that we missed a great opportunity, but that it is unlikely to ever be repeated.”


One Comment on “Failure to Provide Entertainment Centre will be shown as an HISTORIC FAILURE!

  1. It’s gone and it’s gone for ever. Unity are responsible. They know it, they know ‘we’ know it. The Schier plan was approved, viable and shovel ready. It would be underway now, creating much needed employment in the short term and providing a magnificent municipal cultural asset for the long term. In a fit of ideological and misogynistic nastiness, Manning and his Unity cohorts preferred to destroy the project rather than risk having a visionary legacy to Mayor Schier. And Manning’s legacy? Zzzzzzzz!

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