Mission Impossible: 2014 is OUR time to break through! Strap yourself in and hold on!!!

This year of 2014 will be my 47th year on the planet and it is one where, working with as many people as possible, I hope to make a real difference!

Most pundits reckon there will be a State Election during 2014. I agree with them that we will have an election, probably towards the end of the year and make no mistake, with your support, my name we be on the ballot paper!

Newman Government - F for Fail!The Newman Government has been an abject failure for the people of Queensland and no areas have suffered more than regional cities such as Cairns. State government is primarily about service delivery. It is the job of the state to maintain services without privatising (selling off) government assets or sacking thousands of public servants. Newman has failed Queenslanders, it is as simple as that!

People are sick of suit wearing politicians who come out with the same old lies, excuses and cliches, so the questions I have had to ask myself over the last few days are:

a) how am I any different?; and

b) can I convince the people of Cairns that I am different?


  • I have shown I will not be intimidated and will speak out and speak up for Cairns!

Elected members are often intimated by senior unelected officials, whether they be Director Generals or CEOs. As a Councillor I have refuse to buckle under pressure from unelected Council CEOs Russell, Briggs and Tabulo and maintained robust positions whether the Mayor was Val Schier or Bob Manning.  It does take courage to tell these unelected people that your mandate comes not from them, but from the people. I have that courage! As a result when I tell you what I stand for, you can trust me that I will vote that way!

King: Quiet but No Achievements

King: Quiet but No Achievements

The current Member for Cairns has been ‘quiet as a church mouse’ while Cairns has missed out on over 100 Million dollars in infrastructure spending. It would not matter if only he was personally disadvantaged by his failure to articulate a strong position, but it is the people of Cairns who are missing out, while billions of dollars are being spent of new infrastructure in South East Queensland. I hope to change this, but if I can’t I will make damn sure people hear about it! Those responsible must be held to account!

  • I will speak out on issues, so get used to it.

I will never have the resources of my opponents.  In the few weeks before an election my ‘cashed up’ opponents at local council level and considerably more so at state level, spend a small fortune on advertising campaigns. I just can’t compete. This means I do not have the luxury of sayinRobProfilePic ‘no comment’ to journalists during the year (even is sometimes I would like to).

My vocal position gives me widespread exposure in the community, so during the election campaign it is up to my opponents to (via their advertising and media consultants) to ‘catch up’ and ‘run me down’ before polling day.’

  • Harnessing Social Media and my ‘Ace in the Deck’ – YOU!

OurSay-600x331For a whole range of reasons, many will label my campaign to win Cairns ‘Mission Impossible’. Those people have not been in my office, late into every night over the last 4 years as I have commented, recruited and sent endless friend requests from every social media platform from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more besides! I account to you for my actions, I listen to you for feedback and welcome your direction!

So in 2014 YOU can make a difference. YOU can be a part of a journey to send a message to those who have failed, but more importantly even failed to listen! Let us work together to take the state electorate of Cairns on polling day! Bookmark My Blog and my Cairns Nation Builder Website and show you support by liking sharing and commenting. It will be a big year, so lets do this TOGETHER!



3 Comments on “Mission Impossible: 2014 is OUR time to break through! Strap yourself in and hold on!!!

  1. hi Rob
    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

    Margaret Mead

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