Pyne, “Business Community does NOT ‘hate my guts’, just a selfish few!

by Rob Pyne.

A Facebook Identity by the name of Cairns Ratepayer said yesterday I was ‘loathed’ by the big end of the business community. I do not believe this is true! YES, I do have powerful enemies because I PUT COMMUNITY INTEREST before any persons private business interests!

This resolution (see below picture) saw me VOTE AGAINST a proposal to reduce flood immunity levels from Q100 to Q50. There are wealthy individuals in Cairns who own land that floods MORE than every 100 years. We ended up winning this one and they will NOT be able to put residential developments on flood prone land. If folks ‘loath me’ for that ‘too bad’.


In this context and with sea levels unquestionably rising (currently at 3mm/year), I read of Gavin King’s ‘brainwave’ last month to have far greater residential densities in the CBD including the suggestion that the disused “fuel farm” land near the port could be potential residential high-rise sites.”

Now my preference and the ‘community interests’ are for the primary focus of future residential growth, to be Edmonton and Smithfield, where we have excellent levels of flood immunity. To me that ‘just makes sense’. Am I wrong?


5 Comments on “Pyne, “Business Community does NOT ‘hate my guts’, just a selfish few!

  1. To build anything, let alone residences, in flood prone areas is inviting disaster to happen. The need to reference historical records of inundation in Cairns and surrounds is urgent, as are the moves that have been taken to lessen the impact.
    Just because a flood may not have affected an area for a few years, does not mean that the weather pattern and the lay of the land have changed so dramatically, that it’s never going to happen again. Anyone who actually believes that is certainly not a long term resident of Cairns and the outlying areas.

  2. The mere idea of using flood prone land for residential building is ludicrous! Is there no referencing past local history to get an honest picture of what Cairns and surrounds experience in an honest to goodness Wet Season? Council should not be relying on outside “experts” to tell them where the worst affected areas are…try asking locals who’ve lived here for over 40yrs. Seas rise, land subsides – one doesn’t have to be a genius to see the obvious!
    When high density suburbs can be cut off, then surely it’s going to smart NOT to repeat the mistakes.

  3. It shouldn’t surprise me but it does, that some council members think about lining their pockets while others like Rob use common sense.
    It’s hard to soar like an eagle when your surrounded by turkey’s!!

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