Pyne calls to expand Council’s free Wi – Fi to Botannical Gardens and Tanks!

Kendall Morgan Cairns Seven

Kendall Morgan Cairns Seven interviews Rob Pyne

Cairns Councillor Rob Pyne has called for the expansion of Council’s free wi – fi network to the Botannical Gardens and other attractions, saying ‘the expansion makes sense and this year is the time to do it.”

“The existing Council wi – fi network provides coverage in the city and along the Esplanade.  This means that tourists and locals are able to access the internet via their laptop, i pad, tablet or other device,” said Clr Pyne.

“This year I would like the network to be expanded to the Botannical Gardens Visitor Centre and ‘The Tanks’.  I also call on Council to consult with residents about other parks or attractions around the city they would like to see on the wi – fi network.”

“The wi – fi network means photos and other content can be shared instantly and the great views and activities around the city can be put on the internet in real time.  It also boosts the city’s productivity as work and other business can be carried out using the network.”

Clr Pyne has indicated that while the Botanical Gardens and The Tanks are his priority, he wants locals to be consulted about other area’s that should also be included.

“The wi – fi network is great for tourism but we need to make sure we don’t forget about locals,” said Clr Pyne.

“If community groups or other locals have any ideas about other attractions or parks they would like to see included, I would encourage them to contact me.”

“Investing in this kind of infrastructure is vital for an international city like Cairns and makes economic sense.”


One Comment on “Pyne calls to expand Council’s free Wi – Fi to Botannical Gardens and Tanks!

  1. I don’t agree with this, it’s not the council’s job to spend my money giving away what I have to pay for. I travel all over Asia, free Wi-Fi is provided by businesses that benefit from it, not local ratepayers. The free Wi-Fi in the city has sent suppliers of that service broke. My money should be used for my benefit, filling potholes is more important than supplying free services to people who can afford to pay for them.

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