CAIRNS Councillor aims to save lives with emergency services by added compulsory kerbside numbering!

Cairns Councillor Rob Pyne has called for kerbside house numbering to be made compulsory, saying “it will save countless lives.”

w1200_h678_fcrop“During an emergency compulsory kerbside numbers can save lives by allowing ambulances and other emergency vehicles to find the property faster.  It also saves time and effort for the rest of us,” said Clr Pyne.

“I would like to see Council roll out kerbside numbering across the city in 2014.  It should then be made compulsory for developers to install them as part of any new subdivisions.”

Councillor Pyne has said Community Groups could be paid to complete the work.

“Council needs to manage the rollout to ensure consistency in the quality of work performed and a standard with things like size and colours of numbers and the location of the number relative to the property.  But this doesn’t stop Community Groups carrying out the work,” said Clr Pyne.

“This could be a great earner for local groups like the Endeavour Foundation and provide much needed employment opportunities for their clients.”

In 1997 the former Cairns City Council adopted a policy on kerbside numbering to regulate installation by private contractors.  This was revised in 2002 to allow the use of a numbered metal plate.  Over the last 6 years there have been three separate trials of metal plate numbering in Cairns.

“These trials have highlighted adverse issues of durability and night time visibility for metal plates.  Based on this, I propose we proceed with painted numbering,” said Clr Pyne.




One Comment on “CAIRNS Councillor aims to save lives with emergency services by added compulsory kerbside numbering!

  1. For info: there is also a free App ‘EMERGENCY+’ which gives an on-screen address and position ‘lats and longs’ which can be relayed to 000 operators. Worth having on your smart-phone.

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