Woree roads needs Urgent upgrade before serious accidents occur!

Cairns Councillor Rob Pyne has raised safety concerns about a Woree road just as it opens to traffic, saying “work is urgently required to ensure it is safe for the public.”

The road runs parallel to the Bruce Highway (past the Cairns Golf Club)  from Walters Street in Woree, along Jackson Drive, McConachie St, crosses the railway line at Kate St and connects to the Access Road.

“The road opened to traffic in late December and Council’s promises to urgrade the road before it opened still haven’t materialised” said Clr Pyne.

“Now the link from White Rock to Portsmith is open we will see a significant volume of traffic using this Council controlled road.  You just need to take a drive along it to realise it isn’t up to scratch.”

“I am worried that people will get hurt.”

Clr Pyne is calling for enhanced lighting along the road and for it to be resurfaced so it can handle the volume of traffic that is expected.  He is also calling for new line markings.

“The lighting isn’t sufficient and the road itself is in a pretty poor state, especially given the amount of cars that will be using it,” said Clr Pyne.

“I’m not going to get into the blame game over why the promised work hasn’t been done.  I just want it fixed before there are any serious accidents.”

Clr Pyne has also once again called on the State Government to install boom gates at the Kate Street rail crossing near where the road connects with the Ray Jones Drive.

Kate Street in Woree

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