Gavin King poll – 63%: Voters lost trust – Pyne say’s ALP strong to take back Cairns!

Councillor Rob Pyne, who has nominated for Labor preselection in the seat of Cairns, has responded to today’s Cairns Post poll showing 63% of Far North residents are dissatisfied with Gavin King and the Newman Government, saying “the result shows Gavin King has lost the trust of Cairns voters.”

“Gavin King says the result is ‘hardly a surprise’ and he’s ‘unconcerned’ with his public perception.  Well he should be concerned about what the electorate thinks of the job he’s doing and the severe cuts that have been made to health, education and services,” said Clr Pyne.
“Cairns voters have watched him stand by silently while local public servants were sacked and funding cut from our TAFE campus, the Cairns Hospital and countless other Government services.”
“Every cut and every sacking is a broken election promise.  Gavin King looked Cairns voters in the eye at the last election and said they had nothing to fear from an LNP Government.  I think the poll result shows people do not like the broken promises and the knife that’s been taken to local services.”
“Mass sackings of public servants has a ripple effect on the economy in a region like Cairns.  Every job lost is one less paypacket being spent at local businesses and it all adds up.  Cairns voters are very aware of this and I think it shows in this poll.”
Councillor Pyne say’s the poll shows Labor is in a strong position to take back the seat of Cairns at the next election.
“To have a 63% dissatisfaction rating just over a year and a half into a new Government is staggering.  Cairns voters took a punt on Gavin King and they are not happy with his failure to deliver.”

2 Comments on “Gavin King poll – 63%: Voters lost trust – Pyne say’s ALP strong to take back Cairns!

  1. What we want is someone who will represent Cairns in Brisbane, not someone who represents Brisbane in Cairns.

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