Contribute to Lake Morris plan!

Residents are invited to provide their input into a study that will determine the future use of Lake Morris (Copperlode Dam).lake_morris_01

An online survey has been established on Council’s YourSay website, asking  respondents to list the activities they would like to have available at Lake Morris, as well as any concerns they may have.

Suggestions such as kayaking, trail walking and bird watching activities were being investigated as part of the Recreation Management Plan for Lake Morris.

The results of the consultation will be collated and used to refine the range of acceptable recreation activities to be presented in a report to Council.

A framework for the management of new activities and required infrastructure, including upgrading of the access road, will also form part of the Recreation Management Plan.

The survey can be completed on Council’s YourSay website (note – no “www”).

Anyone who does not have internet access but would like to contribute to the study can contact Council on 4044 3044.

Submissions will be accepted until 28 February and the Draft Recreation Management Plan is due for completion by the end of April.


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