Regional jobs, services and communities betrayed again!

Feds poised to take over and privatise regional rail network

The Electrical Trades Union accused the Queensland Government of once again betraying regional communities, after it was revealed that the Federal ARTC are in negotiations with the Queensland Government to take-over Queensland Rail’s regional rail network.

Peter 'Simmo' Simpson

Peter ‘Simmo’ Simpson

State Secretary Peter Simpson said the decision to commence a “fate accompli” review showed the Government had learnt nothing from their record defeat in Redcliffe.

“They just don’t get it, Queenslanders don’t want their assets sold, services downgraded or their jobs lost, and they want a Government that will stand up for their state. Regional towns in Queensland are under attack from a Government that includes so called National Party members”

“People have had enough, they lost their Telstra depots and banks, some schools have closed and hospitals are under resourced, they face the loss of their Ergon depots, local power stations and now their rail link is under threat, they have a right to feel betrayed, because they are being betrayed, they are seeing their jobs, services and futures disappear”

“This latest decision is the first step towards privatising the regional rail network, it will cost services and it will cost jobs. We know the Federal Government wants to sell a staggering $130Billion worth of public assets, this will be yet another one in the mix”

Minister Emerson needs to answer some serious questions;

·       What constitutes regional?

·       Why has there been no consultation with affected communities?

·       Is this just a way of abdicating the State Government’s responsibility to regional Queensland and avoiding the stench of privatisation by getting the Feds to do it?


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