Project Rising Tide Crucial for The Torres Strait Islands.

Climate advocacy for the Torres Strait

The Torres Strait Islands are particularly vulnerable to climate change due to geographic, cultural and socio-demographic factors.  Previous research has shown that cyclones, higher temperatures, king tides and rising sea levels are already having an impact on island communities.

Of particular concern are the low lying islands of Boigu and Saibai in the northwest and the central coral cay islands of Iama, Masig, Poruma and Warraber.

By gathering, documenting and sharing Torres Strait Islanders’ stories on climate change, the project aims to educate the Australian public about the plight of the islands and strengthen advocacy efforts to ensure relevant levels of government are responding to the concerns and needs of the communities in the Torres Strait.

Bringing back the GOODNESS!

Protecting island communities from the threat of climate change requires the support of the Australian public.  This project is linked to TGI’s mission and objectives because it focuses on educating Australians about how climate change impacts on the culture and wellbeing of people in the Torres Strait, and their connection to the land.  We all have a role to play in saving the Torres Strait from the perils of climate change and other environmental issues.

Benefits and lessons learned?

When Australian people think about climate change, rarely do they think of the Torres Strait.  The Australian Government provides foreign aid to support climate change adaptation and mitigation projects in the South Pacific but their support for the Torres Strait remains too little, too late.  This is why we are counting on the power of the Australian people and the international community to ensure sufficient funding and resources are available to help our fellow Australians in the Torres Strait islands.

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