Residents urged to Get Ready

Local residents should now be making their final preparations for the impending arrival of Tropical Cyclone Ita, which is forecast to cross the coast north of Cooktown late tonight.

Whilst it is still too early to determine what the wind effects will be on the local Cairns area, we can be assured of heavy rainfall later today and into the weekend.

As a result, we can and should expect localized flooding events with associated road closures.

Residents in lower lying or known flood prone areas need to ensure their properties are made ready for a flood event.  They may also need to consider if they should evacuate to a safer location, i.e. arranging with a friend or relative for short term accommodation arrangements on higher ground.

Residents who believe they may need to relocate to an evacuation facility should monitor local radio media for further information.

For up to date disaster information, weather warnings and advice, log on to Get Ready Queensland website at:

For the latest travel and road closure information, log on to the 131940 website at or phone 131940 for recorded information.

Remember, if it’s flooded – forget it!

Issued by: S/Const Russell Parker



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