Fighting the The Radical Conservative Agenda in Australia!

If we don’t fight back now against the radical conservative agenda exposed in the Commission of Audit report, too much of it will become a reality — from the end of Medicare as we know it, to the end of the living wage. 

By partnering with the Australia Institute, we’ll counter their right-wing propaganda withgenuine expertise and then add GetUp’s whole campaigning tool set until ordinary Australians are back at the heart of the Australian budget.


And it starts this week, with the release of “Auditing the Auditors: The People’s Commission of Audit,” which will expose the Audit report for what it is: the dismantling of “the lucky country” that Australians have known, loved, and built together for the past 50 years.

But we need your help to cut through the right-wing propaganda with clever ads, polling, and creative campaigning to take our country back from billionaires and big business. Will you chip in?

The Australia Institute knows where to hunt down wasteful corporate welfare and how to get that information out (see their popular Facebook info graphic above).



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