A future Labor Government would restore the critical need for the chair of Queensland’s crime and corruption watchdog to be appointed on a bipartisan basis after the LNP removed that provision in State Parliament tonight.

Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk said in using its vast majority in the Parliament tonight to dismantle the Crime and Misconduct Commission and attack its true independence, the Newman Government had grossly misjudged how much Queenslanders valued the institution.

“The Member for Stafford himself commissioned polling which showed 73 per cent of his electorate want the CMC chair to be agreed upon by both sides of politics,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“But the LNP Ministers and MPs chose to ignore such compelling feedback – just as they have refused to listen to Queenslanders who clearly hold the CMC and the vital Fitzgerald reforms in great esteem – so they can politicise our corruption watchdog.

“Tonight the LNP had the opportunity to tell Queensland if they want to protect the legacy of the Fitzgerald Inquiry or turn back the clock.

“They chose to put us in a position where we are in real danger of going back to those dark pre-Fitzgerald days.

“What Tony Fitzgerald did was introduce landmark reforms to protect all Queenslanders from corruption and from dishonesty.

“He gave our state an uncommon morality with his most significant recommendation– the establishment of the Criminal Justice Commission.

“Tony Fitzgerald addressed head-on a culture in this state which had led to misconduct and a general contempt for our justice system.

“What the Newman Government has done is take away those hard-fought freedoms and trampled on the most important reform in our state in a generation.

“What the Attorney-General has done is prove that he has no concept of the importance of the landmark reforms Tony Fitzgerald implemented and no value in the importance of appointing the CMC chair on a bipartisan basis.

“A future Labor Government would restore that essential need. Queenslanders clearly want that.

“A future Labor Government would also treat the CMC with the respect it requires – not treat it as a political plaything – and recognise the vital importance of the reforms we enjoyed to fight corruption over the past 25 years.”



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