Qld unemployment rate hits 6.3% under Newman’s watch: Pitt

Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said one month out from the LNP’s third State Budget, new data showed Queensland’s unemployment rate has jumped to 6.3% in trend and seasonally adjusted terms.

It is the same rate as the Newman Government peak in June 2013. Before that, the last time unemployment was that high was October 2003. It’s the second highest unemployment rate in mainland Australia, behind Victoria (6.4%).

“The time for excuses from this Government is over. Campbell Newman promised a 4% unemployment rate, and now after more than two years, the unemployment rate is 6.3%,” Mr Pitt said.

“After inheriting an unemployment rate of 5.5%, the fact that it’s now 6.3% shows the Premier doesn’t care about jobs growth in this state.

“There are 11,000 fewer full time jobs in Queensland that when Campbell Newman was elected Premier.

“Less full-time jobs mean less opportunity for Queenslanders to have a stable means of providing for their families.

“The Newman Government has no job creation policies. All they’ve done is increase the cost of living, attack training and skills plans, sack 20,000 workers themselves, and increase the tax burden on families.

“The only infrastructure project they’ve started is the Premier’s personal skyscraper in the Brisbane CBD, a $2.6 billion waste of money.

“Selling Queensland’s assets and increasing taxes in June’s Budget won’t do anything to help jobs.

“This Premier lurches from scandal to scandal, whether it’s about himself or his Director-General or his MPs, but spends no time concentrating on what really matters – creating and protecting jobs that will help Queensland families battle the LNP’s cost of living increases.”



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