Newman must stand CMC Chair aside: Bill Byrne!

Shadow Police Minister Bill Byrne said the Premier had no option but to immediately stand aside the Chairman of the CMC while he is under investigation by police.BBPic

“It is untenable for Dr Levy to be head of the supposedly independent corruption watchdog while being investigated by police for misconduct,” Mr Byrne said.

“The CMC and police would work closely on many matters. It’s simply beyond belief that the Chair of the CMC can play a part in that important relationship while being under investigation himself.

“It’s now five days since the police investigation was announced. Has Dr Levy been in touch with police about any matters? If he has, he shouldn’t be.

“This one’s a no-brainer. You cannot be Chairman of the CMC while being under police investigation. If Dr Levy is found to have no case to answer, he could resume his position at the end of the investigation. Until then he should be stood down while the investigation runs its course.”

Media: 3838 6716


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