Campell Newman’s donation laws trash democracy.. again!

Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk said the Newman Government’s demolition job on democracy in Queensland was complete, with the most extensive weakening of political donation laws in Australia’s history coming just two weeks after the Premier nobbled the CMC.

“Campbell Newman’s outrageous attack has been delivered: politicise the CMC so they’re no longer independent, and change the laws to allow big business to pour thousands of dollars into LNP party coffers without declaration,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“The legislation that was passed tonight is nothing short of an attack on Queensland’s democratic system. It represents the worst of the worst from the arrogant Newman Government.

“This legislation attacks the fundamental democratic rights of everyday Queenslanders, while providing for special concessions to allow the big end of town to gain special influence over the Premier and his Cabinet Members.

“Changing the donation threshold from $1,000 to $12,400 before any public declaration is necessary will open up the political process to potential corruption and undue influence.

“Even one of the LNP’s own MPs refused to support this element of the Bill.

“It means anyone can turn up to an MPs office and dump $12,399 worth of cash in their lap, and no-one will ever have to know.

“For a Government that has faced several questions over questionable political donations, including the Attorney-General this week, these laws will not give Queenslanders any confidence in Government decision-making.

“It’s not just donations, but the LNP has also removed spending caps during election campaigns, which will again give undue influence to the biggest spenders.

“And the introduction of voter ID requirements will impede many Queenslanders, especially some from disadvantaged backgrounds, from casting their vote.

“In typical manner, the Premier and the Attorney-General are arrogantly ramming through legislation that they did not take to the election, that faces overwhelming objection from the Queensland public and will prove to be a serious risk to open and fair government in this State.”



One Comment on “Campell Newman’s donation laws trash democracy.. again!

  1. The Newman Govt will continue to get away with eroding values that we (The People) want retained to fight greed and corruption in hing places, because some of us are not yet all united with Join now, so we can show them just where the true power resides. It’s free and offers sensational rewards with it’s kiosk revenue shearing venture. Started by Alex Reid (Humanitarian, entrepreneurial atavist)

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