New Adopt-a-Cop for Balaclava State School

Constable Waylan adoption ceremonyAlexander

Constable Waylan Alexander was welcomed by the students and staff of Balaclava State School as their new Adopt-a-Cop on Friday May 23.

Although new to the Adopt-a-Cop program ‘Constable Waylan’ as he will be affectionately known by the students, will soon become a familiar face amongst the school community. ‘Constable Waylan’ looks forward to developing positive relationships with the students and assisting and supporting school leaders.

In the adoption ceremony ‘Constable Waylan’ promised that he would attend the school and speak to the students whenever they could. After being adopted ‘Constable Waylan’ assisted with the school assembly and student presentations. The students then had some very interesting questions for their Adopt-a-Cop.

‘Constable Waylan’ warns though that the students had better ‘watch out’ for him at the athletics carnival as he fancies himself as a bit of a runner.

Students at Balaclava State School are eager to hear all about the in and outs of police work from ‘Constable Waylan’ and look forward to seeing him whenever he gets an opportunity to drop by for a visit.
The Adopt-a-Cop program was implemented in 1985 to build positive relationships between police and members of the school community through the voluntary appointment of Adopt-a-Cops to schools and other relevant organisations. Currently there are over 950 Adopt-a-Cops performing duties in over 1100 Queensland schools.

Further information about the Adopt-a-Cop program


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