MASSIVE Queensland electricity price increase highlights Newman’s broken promise!

Shadow Energy Minister Curtis Pitt said Campbell Newman has overseen price increases of $560 during his first term of Government, despite promising voters he’d cut power bills at the last election.

“Campbell Newman should apologise to the Queensland families who voted for him on the back of his promise to cut their electricity bills,” Mr Pitt said.

“Every single one of his candidates signed a document that said an LNP Government would reduce the cost of living, yet here we are two years later and families are getting smashed by another electricity price increase.

“Next year’s $191 increase means the total increase for the average household during this term of Government is around $560. That’s after he promised Queensland families a cut of $120 each year.


“It doesn’t get any better for businesses, who are also set to cop an 11.5% increase.

“And in a display of extreme arrogance only he’s capable of, the Premier weakly refuses to stand up and explain his broken promises.

“The Energy Minister attempts to blame everybody else for the LNP’s prices rises, but one inescapable fact remains: the LNP knew about the carbon price and solar schemes when they promised to cut Queenslanders’ power bills.

“In fact, they promised they wouldn’t touch the solar scheme, but now they’ve cut the 8c Feed-in Tariff – yet another LNP broken promise.

“The documents themselves show that the total increase from the carbon price and all environmental policies is $48. That means the increase would only be 3% if these policies were the sole factor contributing to price rises.

“Queensland families won’t forget Campbell Newman’s lies and broken promises on power bills at the next election.”

**** Based on usage of 4,100 kilowatt hours. Prior to the latest determination the QCA used a higher assumption of 4,250 kilowatt hours meaning figures aren’t directly comparable ****

Mr Pitt said next week’s LNP budget will be a blueprint for even higher power prices and job losses.

“The Premier’s plan on electricity is to sell off huge chunks of our electricity sector to big business.

“That’s a plan for job cuts, higher power bills and no accountability. It’s not a plan to reduce electricity bills like he promised.

“Queenslanders don’t want their assets sold, especially when it comes to electricity. Given the views of Queenslanders, only the most arrogant of Governments would press ahead with asset sales next week.”


2 Comments on “MASSIVE Queensland electricity price increase highlights Newman’s broken promise!

  1. My thoughts are unprintable…just as Newman will be “non re-electable”!!! But here’s my take: Asset sales will target energy companies.. therefore it is highly desirable to have them worth more… and the struggling public of Queensland are paying for that. Secondly, how many casinos, including the mega monstrosity in Cairns, are coming on stream… all of which will need huge energy infrastructures….yet again the struggling public of Queensland pays… and for gambling tourism which put negligible to zero dollars back into their everyday lives… At this stage I dare say no more… other than never, ever, have I felt so infuriated with someone personally, and with a government supposedly FOR the people. Ha! What a joke. Greed is good, isn’t it, Newman?

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