Pensioners won’t forget Premier’s attack on them: Palaszczuk

Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk said the Premier’s disgraceful attack on Queensland pensioners’ household budgets will not be quickly forgotten.

“The Premier should never have cut this money from pensioners in the first place,” Ms Palaszczuk said. AP

“The ink isn’t even dry on this budget and the Premier has scrambled to save his own political skin following a crisis of his own making.

“He made a choice in his Budget where he could help Queensland pensioners or hurt them. He chose to hurt them.

“Yesterday I went and met with pensioners who were reeling from these cuts while the Premier attended a political fundraising lunch with the big end of town.

“While his party was accepting big political donations, pensioners were worried about how they were going to make ends meet.

“The pensioners told me they’d struggle to cope with the Premier’s record electricity price hikes and his cuts to the concessions that help them pay for it.

“The Premier’s backflip just two days later shows the third Budget from Tim Nicholls isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

“It shows he only cares about pensioners when he cops a few negative media stories. He doesn’t really care about how they pay their bills.

“No-one, but pensioners especially, will forget his callous disregard for their welfare in this Budget.”


One Comment on “Pensioners won’t forget Premier’s attack on them: Palaszczuk

  1. Pensioners should pay for the economic mismanagement of the Government. We can’t afford a house because Chinese and Japanese millionaires are investing in the real-estate sector then lending money to the Government which will then sell them our assets to ease the burden of the debt interest bill. Why are you so blind Sheeple?

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