International condemnation for LNP reef inaction!

The World Heritage Committee’s deliberations on the future status of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef have again revealed deep-seated concerns about the future of the Marine Park Area.

Shadow Environment Minister Jackie Trad said the international community had expressed dismay at future development projects in and around the reef.JackieTrad_Profile

“There always needs to be a balance between development and the environment but the Newman Government has shown it is incapable of striking that balance,” Ms Trad said.

“While the Jamaican delegation were concerned that expert evidence found the reef was at risk, the Portuguese delegation pointed to climate change and human interference as massive risk factors.

“Further, Portugal was also rightly concerned that a Federal Government headed by a man who doesn’t even believe in climate change has handed over environmental approval powers to the Newman Government.

“The same Government who has gutted a world class coastal management plan and the Vegetation Management Act which have direct impact on the reef.

“It really is a major concern that in a developed country like Australia, our federal and state governments have been highlighted and targeted for this kind of criticism.

“Andrew Powell needs to listen to the international community and listen to the experts instead of trying to spin their way into environmental stewardship.”

Ms Trad said that state and federal Labor governments had produced ambitious water quality targets in 2009 as part of Reef Plan 2009-14 and committed funding to achieve the projects.

“All Andrew Powell has tried to do is claim credit for the work of previous Labor governments and repackage old funding,” she said.

“Neither the Abbott nor Newman Government has provided any extra funding to programs that help protect the Reef.

“In fact, since being elected, the Abbott Government has cut $2.8 million from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and $7.8 million from the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

“No extra funding means no extra effort to protect and preserve our Great Barrier Reef.

“Something needs to change.”

Media contact: 0428 510 973


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