A modern twist on gravely tales

A modern twist has been put on Cairns’ oldest cemetery, as technology captures the lives of the city’s early pioneers.

The installation of QR (quick response) codes at the Pioneer Cemetery in McLeod Street has put Cairns’ early history at the fingertips of visitors.

History buffs can now use their smart phones to instantly access biographical information on some of the cemetery’s oldest residents, bringing their stories back to life.

Members of the Cairns and District Family History Society have researched in detail the stories behind 10 gravesites, belonging to William Real, Katie Prime, Katie Bennett, Fathers Corcoran and Cahill, Isaac Duffin, Eliza Earl, Richard Ash Kingsford, Charles Wyatt, John Samuel Pyne and the Redden family.

Their research can now be accessed via the QR codes, which have been installed by a stonemason on granite pillars at the rear of the gravesites.

The installations are part of a Conservation Management Plan for the Heritage-listed cemetery. Other recent improvements under the plan include the installation of interpretive panels and name plates in the rotunda.

The cemetery was the final resting place of 2500 of Cairns’ earliest settlers.

Residents can visit the Cairns Pioneer Cemetery and to consider how much our city has changed over the years and the actions of our earliest residents to set Cairns on the path toward what it is today.”

To use a QR code, download a QR reader app and scan the code featured at the gravesite. The scanned image will then link directly to online information about the site’s occupants.

Council will continue to work with the Cairns and District Family History Society with the objective of adding more QR codes to the cemetery in the future.



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