Lake Street Intersection “Accident Waiting to Happen”

Cairns Councillor for Division 3, Rob Pyne, has called on council to better signpost the new crossing at the intersection of Lake Street and Shields Street, before a tragic accident occurs.

Cr. Pyne said, “Normally when someone leaves a footpath to cross a road, there is a clear demarcation. Pedestrians transition from a concrete footpath to an asphalt road surface. The problem here is that the pavement for pedestrians travelling down Shields Street remains consistent.


While there is signage in place, so many people these days are not observant, especially with so many young people looking at their phones as they walk. For many of them, they just see the 2 or three metres of ground in front of them. On top of that many of the pedestrians we are talking about cannot read English.


Cr. Pyne concluded, “This is a clear conflict point between pedestrians and traffic and people are regularly walking out in front of oncoming vehicles, so this is a major safety issue – an accident waiting to happen.”



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