Campbell Newman continues to cherry-pick crime statistics to suit his own political narrative, Shadow Police Minister Bill Byrne said today.

Mr Byrne said the combined news release from the Premier and the Police Minister had failed to mention some crimes and given little focus to others.

“Campbell Newman isn’t being tough on crime, he’s being loose with the truth,” Mr Byrne said.BillByrne_Profile

“It’s impossible to know the entire picture because the LNP axed the comprehensive annual statistical review.

“The annual statistical review provided detailed, regional reporting, not broad headline figures open to cherry-picking to fit the Government’s spin cycle.”

Mr Byrne said the government wasn’t able to deliver a consistent message on crime because they kept shifting the goal posts.

“Campbell Newman and Jarrod Bleijie are on the record trying to give the impression of 15-30% drop across the board,” he said.

“Even today’s inadequate figures show that was never true.

“What we need is independently reviewed statistics with a regional breakdown that is taken out of the hands of politicians.

“The public need facts not spin from a government desperate for a good news story because the Attorney General and the Police Minister are two of its weakest links.

“Domestic violence, liquor offences, drug offences and weapons offences are all on the rise.

“Why is the government claiming this as a win when these are the crimes that affect Queenslanders everywhere?”


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