Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk today announced two new policies as part of her vision for a better, fairer education system for Queensland.

Ms Palaszczuk said under Labor, school communities will have the confidence of long-term leadership after today announcing that principals and deputy principals would not be forced onto short term contracts under a future Labor Government.PalaszczukAnnastacia

Ms Palaszcuk said the Newman Government’s arrogant move to inflict the unpopular contracts on principals were unfair on students and parents and threatened the stability of school leadership.

“Schools are vital to the future of our children and to ensure our children get the best possible foundation for learning and life, we need to ensure our schools are strong and stable,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“Schools are an integral part of every community in Queensland. Our principals are not just school leaders, they are community leaders too.

“Campbell Newman forced Queensland doctors onto contracts and he is planning to do the same with educators.

“Once Campbell Newman has forced principals and deputy principals onto contracts it will only be a matter of time until he tries to do the same thing to classroom teachers.

“Labor’s policy will ensure teachers, deputy principals and principals will have security of employment and will be able to deliver educational outcomes without the constant threat of being forced to move to another school or out of the education system entirely.

“School communities deserve a degree of permanency and security in their leadership so that students and parents can have confidence in the school’s future direction.”

Ms Palaszczuk also announced that Labor would reverse the LNP’s plans to distribute extra resource funding for English as an additional language according to the total number of enrolments, not on the basis of how many students need the assistance at a given school.

“Under the LNP’s plan, schools with a high proportion of children learning English as an additional language will lose funding, while those that don’t need more will get more.

“A future Labor Government will ensure funding for English as an additional language is based on need.

“This is about fairness, something both Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman know nothing about.”


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