King and Newman have no ‘heart’ for Cairns CBD!

Today Council voted to move forward on the Shields Street Heart project. This project was originally funded by a $38 Million dollar budget allocation from the former Bligh Government. However, the LNP Newman Government withdrew the budget allocation after being elected. Today, while voting to support the project, Cr. Rob Pyne said that it is now clear “it will be local Cairns ratepayers who will be footing the bill.”

Council heard that the Shields Street Heart initiative has community support and voted that the project now “Proceeds to the detailed design stage.” However, with no state funding, the project will take longer and be funded by Cairns ratepayers.
Councillor Rob Pyne slammed Member for Cairns Gavin King and the Newman Government, which stripped $33 million from Shields St Heart & Lake St redevelopment. He said, “Gavin King was silent while Cairns lost millions. He should have been fighting for this project funding, fighting for Cairns.”

Cr. Rob Pyne concluded, “Campbell Newman and his LNP mates have no problem spending money on projects in other areas, such as the second range crossing in Toowoomba and a massive $2.6 billion on a new but unnecessary Executive Building in the Brisbane CBD, but Cairns misses out yet again.

The question has to be asked “who is standing up for Cairns’”



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