The real war

It is what it is

I see the anti-Muslim, anti-Islam videos and posts are doing the rounds on social media again today. People blindly clicking the bait and sharing, selectively ignoring the fact that other religions including (but not limited to) Christians, Jews, Mormons, Atheists, and maybe even Buddhists commit crimes. They all have their own odd internal laws and doctrines that could offend anyone. Nonetheless, the videos and posts aimed at Muslims seem to be the only ones that get shared by predominantly white, Anglo-Saxon males who have never been discriminated against, yet feel empowered by putting the boot into entire religions.

Given the atrocities exposed in the recent royal commission into child abuse, why aren’t we seeing similar outrage against the (predominantly Christian) religions highlighted for those crimes? I bet there’d be more coverage if they were Muslim.

Bad people do bad things, no matter what religion they are. Don’t fall for the conservative…

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One Comment on “The real war

  1. Feel free to re post and share this, I penned it a about a 6 month ago…

    Before religion became established in society, (way back 2 to 7 thousand years ago) Mum’s and Dad’s would tell stories in the evening around the campfire.

    They wanted their children to be not so loud and were always telling them to behave themselves. The Children would ask questions a lot, One of the the most popular would have been “What happens when you die”?

    Their parents, wanting them to be good little boys and girls would often tell them something like this, If you have been a good girl or boy, always doing what your mother and father tell you, you will go to a wonderful haven in the clouds. A place where you never have to do work, you never get sick or feel pain, a place where you can play all day and have fun all the time and all toys are free.

    If however you have been a bad and not doing what you told, your going to be very sorry. You go to a terrifying place with no doors and no toys. You will burn there forever.

    Now you should understand how this sort of question and answer going on in families and groups for thousands of years resulted in Religion evolving.

    I believe we all have a reason for being alive and it involves what we can do for others and how well we treat others irrespective of what they believe.

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