Ebola appeal and shipment to Sierra Leone by the Sierra Leone Ebola Action Group Australia (SEAGA)

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa which currently affect four countries  Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria has prompted the African communities of Australia to spring into action to raise awareness about the disease and also do fund raising and awareness in all the states of Australia. The virus which initially broke out in Guinea in February this year and spread over to Sierra Leone and Liberia has killed over 2,500 people already – men, women and children. There is still no vaccine or cure for Ebola as yet and the inadequate nature of the health systems coupled with the traditional practices of people in the affected countries has made it difficult for their governments to successfully contain the virus. In Sierra Leone we have lost 5 doctors and 40 health nurses to the disease all because they lacked the necessary protective clothing to do their jobs effectively.

The Sierra Leone communities in Australia have formed the Sierra Leone Ebola Action Group Australia (SEAGA). SEAGA has been able to launch an appeal and had been donated with $100,000 worth of Ebola items such as gloves, sanitizers, boots, aprons etc. These items are now sitting in a ware house in Sydney waiting to be shipped to Sierra Leone. SEAGA is now appealing to the general community to raise $15,000 to ship a forty feet container with these items to Sierra Leone. Details of contacts, account number are detailed as follows:

Account name: Stand4Salone

BSB: 017008

ACC No. 290216554

Should you want to know more on how to support us and make your contributions please contact SEAGA Secretary and Public Relations man Sulaiman Forna on0407552054. The Ebola items needed are also attached in this email.

Please help us save more lives in Sierra Leone. You support is needed at this time.



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