ALP candidate for Cairns, Rob Pyne has called on the Government to stop stalling and release the report on dredging Trinity Inlet.

Mr Pyne said “This has dragged on way too long now and the people of Cairns deserve to know what is contained in it so decisions and plans can be made on the future of the Cairns port. The process was started years ago and still we don’t have the report released with the chairman of Ports North saying they have complied with the timetable of the government who will release it by the end of the year. Well that’s not good enough.” SmallPic

“The reason Gavin King and this government is now hiding this report is because they know what is contained in it and our representative in Cairns has broken yet another promise. They are stalling release until the end of the year by which time they will call a state election and can pretend they funded this project which was never fully funded. This will simply get put in the too hard basket and the money set aside will be diverted elsewhere. Once again Cairns loses!

“The people of Cairns were promised by Gavin King that he would dredge Trinity Inlet, to increase existing capacity. Once again we have been let down by an MP who seeks to be Brisbane’s representative in Cairns, rather than Cairns representative in Brisbane! It is time the people of Cairns had a member who will Stand  Up for them in Brisbane. If elected I will Stand Up for Cairns!



  1. Hi Rob, you’re right – it’s difficult to interpret the State’s delay in releasing the dredging EIS as anything but stalling tactics. The really weird thing is that there is a win-win-win solution to this. Equally clearly Ports North and their sycophant Gavin King want to dump the spoil out near the reef – perhaps they have a deal with the dredging company??? Placing all the spoil on the highly polluted land at East Trinity, as recommended by CSIRO, would not only enable the pollution to be fixed, but would enable the 946.3 ha of State land to be reclaimed and developed at no cost to the State or we tax payers – a win-win-win!! Also this would avoid using up even more valuable agricultural land. A full proposal for this is on my website, http://www.better-management.org . Best of luck with the election!

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