Newman and King ‘Health Cuts’ to blame for sexually transmitted infection rates

Revelations today that sexually transmitted infection rates in Cairns are almost double that of the rest of the state can partially explained by the sacking of sexual health nurses and slashing of sexual health services by Campbell Newman and Gavin King, Labor candidate for Cairns Rob Pyne said today.

Mr Pyne said that Labor in 2013 warned that the Newman Government’s decision to sack sexual health nurses and scale back sexual health services would lead to increasing rates of sexually transmitted infections, particularly in regional areas such as Cairns and the statistics that have come out today confirm just that.

“It is disgraceful that Campbell Newman and Gavin King see fit to play politics with people’s health,” Mr Pyne said.

“This was all part of the Newman Government’s agenda to wage a war with nurses whilst in Government.

“2013 saw 2000 cases of chlamydia diagnosed which was an increase of over 100 from 2012. So while the number of sexually transmitted infection diagnoses is increasing this Government decided to cut frontline nurses and slash funding.

“These nurses and services ran effective outreach and preventative care programs all of which were gutted by this Government.”

Mr Pyne said that sadly this was reminiscent of a Government that had savaged the health system.

“Sadly this is reminiscent of their savaging cuts across the board in health,” Mr Pyne said.

“Campbell Newman and Gavin King promised that there would be no frontline public servants sackings prior to their election in 2012 and they have broken this promise by sacking 300 people from the Cairns Hospital.

“Even more frighteningly though we have seen 24,000 people cut from specialist appointment waiting lists without their knowledge.”

In an environment where the rate of sexually transmitted infections is double that of the rest of Queensland, Campbell Newman and Gavin King need take responsibility for cutting the sexual health services in the Cairns region.



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