Cairns Homeless Facility in wrong location …..Woree Residents Oppose King and Newman’s Ghetto future!

ALP candidate for Cairns, Rob Pyne has called on the Government to undertake community consultation regarding the establishment of further accommodation for homeless people after concerns were raised by residents. HMap

Mr Pyne said “The city of Cairns has had problems with homeless people for some years now and I welcome moves to provide appropriate accommodation to address this issue. However when establishing these facilities we need to ensure the community is consulted and that such facilities go in the right location.”

“Gavin King’s announcement of a new facility to be built in Woree at 696 Bruce Highay without consulting residents shows he has learnt nothing from the farce involving his bootcamp which was located in Kuranda. Tax payers were left with a huge bill to pay out the tender his government approved and the facility in Kuranda shut down. Just as there was no consultation there before announcing the facility, in their urgent rush to get some runs on the board before the next election after a string of failures and broken promises, they are doing the same again.” Mr Pyne claimed.

“Residents have come to me and raised concerns regarding the safety of children that use the bus stops near the proposed facility and the proximity to local schools. Residents adjoining the proposed facility are also concerned the amenability of the area will be compromised and the problem moved from town to the suburbs where there are less police to be able to deal with problems that arise.”

“As the Member for Cairns I intend to ensure that tax payers money is not wasted establishing facilities where they do not belong so that the money for these much needed services gets to where it needs to go.”


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