TURNING LIES INTO LEASES: Using humour to expose the LNPs’ “Lies into Leases” spin!

The Electrical Trades Union in conjunction with the Not4Sale campaign re-launched its www.strongchoices.com.au  website yesterday using a mixture of facts and humour to expose the LNP’s Lies to Leases spin.

ETU State secretary Peter Simpson said the www.strongchoices.com.au was a great domain name to actually expose the LNP’s spin.

“The website uses a mixture of facts – about the real cost of selling off profitable public assets over the 99 years – and humour, with the centerpiece being a skit that represents some memorable quotes straight from the horses, in this case, Newman and Nicholls’ mouths, it is a humorous take on a serious issue”

“Let’s not forget the LNP when in opposition were one of the most rabid opponents of privatisation by leasing, calling it sneaky asset sales, giving away the family silver and the most memorable of all; Treasurer Tim Nicholls in March 2010 said it – long term leasing was “…as good as giving away the farm”, this site just points out the utter hypocrisy of his current position”

Simpson also gave an update on the silence coming from the Government about the conditions attached to the leases.

“Mr Nicholls, McArdle and Newman are obviously under instruction from their spin doctors to stay silent on lease arrangements, hoping they can ride the coattails of their obscene political advertising estimated to be $57million, which is being disguised as Government information”

“We at the ETU and our supporters through the Not4Sale campaign are committed to exposing this Government’s lies whenever they appear and while the Government is silent we will raise the issues that need to be answered, there is nowhere for the LNP to hide”

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For further information please contact – Stuart Traill 0488 225 625,   Andrew Irvine Media Enquiries 0448 633 858


One Comment on “TURNING LIES INTO LEASES: Using humour to expose the LNPs’ “Lies into Leases” spin!

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