Campbell Newman and the LNP are directly responsible for 200 job cuts to the Cairns and Far North economy, Shadow Public Works Minister Bill Byrne said today.

Mr Byrne said the decision by Campbell Newman and the LNP to axe funding for Skytrans to provide regional air services in the Far North and appoint a NSW provider demonstrated a basic lack of understanding of the economic needs of regional Queensland.BillByrne_Profile

“The collapse of Skytrans is further harsh evidence of the incompetence of the Newman LNP Government when it comes to keeping its promises on regional growth and creating jobs,” Mr Byrne said.

“Campbell Newman promised to grow regional economies yet the collapse of Skytrans and the reported loss of close to 200 jobs is a direct result of actions by him and the LNP.

“It was the LNP who gave a NSW airline the contracts previously held by Skytrans for regional Queensland air routes.”

Mr Byrne said the Premier and Treasurer told Queenslanders in 2012 that they had a plan to boost state and regional economies and reduce the unemployment rate to 4% without the need for asset sales.

“Those promises have been proved to be blatant lies,” Mr Byrne said.

“The LNP never had plans for anything except asset sales which will see even more jobs lost.

“Statewide unemployment is 6.9% and youth unemployment in Cairns is stuck at around 20%.

“The cold hard proof of the Newman Government’s deceit is shown by the collapse of Skytrans and the loss of jobs at a time when our statewide jobless rate is back up to GFC levels thanks to the economic and financial incompetence of the LNP.

“Yet despite this crisis in our jobs market, the Newman Government is forging ahead with its new but unnecessary Executive Building for the Premier and his Ministers in that will waste $2.6 billion in taxpayers’ funds as part of the LNP’s government accommodation program for the Brisbane CBD.

“Imagine how regions like FNQ and others would benefit if the LNP spent taxpayers’ funds on real job-creating projects instead of wasting them on itself.”


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