Skytrans Closure leaves FNQ Health Services ‘Up In The Air’.

ALP candidate for Cairns, Rob Pyne has called on the Newman LNP government to urgently address the health crisis being created by transport issues for the Cairns and Hinterland Health services

Mr Pyne said “Gavin King and Campbell Newman have been so focused on saving their own jobs, they have forgotten about the people of Cairns and Far North Queensland. The closure of local airline Skytrans has created transport issues and this had huge repercussions for our hospital and health services as the limited number of seats available means patients have to compete with other community members, workers, students etc. and the seats required simply are not there”

“Some patients receiving treatment at the Cairns Base Hospital have been unable to be discharged because they can’t get home. This means beds that should be available for other patients are not delaying operations. Now that accommodation places such as Red Cross etc are full we have the deplorable situation that patients that have been discharged, but could not get home, are living on the streets and on the river banks in the rain.”

“As it was this government that saw this local airline close, with no adequate alternative, as a matter of urgency they should identify the patients who have been unable to return to their communities and charter a plane to get them home. The charter cost is no where near the cost of accommodation, beds not available for other patients or the subsequent hospitalisation of released patients who develop complications as a result of having to live on the streets.”

Mr Pyne said “There might be an election on but this government still has a responsibility to provide adequate health services and the people of Cairns and Far North Queensland deserve for this matter to be addressed urgently.”



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