Once our assets are gone, they’re gone. ……. Forever!

The only plan the LNP has ever had is for asset sales even though it will cost jobs and drive up the cost of living as power bills rise under private ownership.

It only gets worse because the assets they want to sell return $2 billion a year to the public purse.

Campbell Newman and Tim Nicholls have not said how they will plug their LNP black hole.

They are paying consultants and big merchant bankers more than $300 million to start the process of selling assets because they think the election is in the bag.

A lease is a sale

The LNP is so arrogant it expects Queenslanders to believe a 99-year lease of a state asset is not a sale.

Everyone knows it is a sale.

Even people like the Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney, Treasurer Tim Nicholls, and the Premier himself have previously said leasing is the same as a sale.

In  March  2010  Tim  Nicholls  then  in  opposition  told  State  Parliament:  “…. a 99-year lease is as good as giving  away  the  farm….”

On the same day Jeff Seeney said long-term  leases  of  state  assets  were  a  “dishonest,   sneaky  way”  to  undertake  asset  sales.

In  June  2011  Campbell  Newman  said  of  leasing  port  facilities:  “I  think  it’s  a  mistake,  selling   off the silverware.”

They all believe a lease is a sale but now expect you to swallow a different line.


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