The Truth on Asset Sales ………. Exposing LNP Lies.

Asset sales

Campbell Newman and Lawrence Springborg sold off $11 billion worth of assets in Government.

Then they tried to sell off a further $37 billion worth of assets, including Queensland’s electricity network.

It is beyond belief that Mr Springborg would now be lecturing the new Government on asset sales.

Mr Springborg is sitting where he’s sitting because only Labor gave a firm commitment not to sell assets.

The LNP spent tens of millions of dollars on advertising, and potentially hundreds of millions on consultants, on an asset sales program Queenslanders didn’t want.

I think Queenslanders would think it’s laughable that Lawrence Springborg and the LNP are lecturing anyone on asset sales.


But will your Govt start selling assets like land and buildings?

Let’s be clear on what Labor said in Opposition. Labor opposed the LNP’s broken promises.

The LNP said before the 2012 election they wouldn’t sell any Govt buildings and they broke that promise.

They then went on a sell-off spree where they tried to flog off strategic land, that is, land set aside for future hospital developments in Cairns or schools in Calliope and Fortitude Valley.

The Qld Government is the state’s largest landholder, and of course individual Departments will conduct transactions from time to time, as they have for decades.

But we won’t be undertaking the mass sell-off of schools like the LNP had planned before being shamed into consulting with local communities.

But we won’t be selling off strategic assets, not to mention our electricity network and ports, like the LNP planned to.


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