Our First Three Months & Workplace Fairness

This week in Parliament we reported on our first three months in Government. It’s early days, but looking back, I think we’ve made real progress. A really good summary of what we’ve already achieved so far can be viewed here.

Also this week, the new Palaszczuk Government has delivered on many of our other election commitments. Not the least was getting rid of the LNPs excessive pay rises for politicians.

This means they can’t get wage rises that are higher than a nurse, a police officer or a teacher. That’s only fair!

The Queensland Parliament is considering a bill that will restore the rights at work that people in Queensland lost under the Newman government.

Without a change to the law, we can’t get back the basic protections like job security that should be a right for the people who deliver services to Queensland’s communities.

Many locally based government workers have already spoken with me about the Bill and the http://www.bringonthevote.org.au/ campaign.

This is an important reform because it means better services for all Queenslanders, so take action today: let the Parliament know that we want the Newman government’s laws changed and replaced with a bill that protects the basic rights we all have.



One Comment on “Our First Three Months & Workplace Fairness

  1. Robbie you are doing well, as far as king goes
    You would have to feel sorry for his wife and children
    I doubt he would turn up at the school to his children they would not want him there
    You Must realise that the LNP are thugs on polling booths
    They like to pick on elderly women when they have that lady out numbered 7to 1
    The LNP are real Herod

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