Labour Day Celebration this Saturday 2nd of May!

The Cairns QCU President Mr Heath Mitchell, Invites the community of Cairns and FNQ to
join in Labour Day celebrations this Saturday 2 May from 4:30pm at Fogarty Park. This will
be the 100th year for the Electrical Trade Union. Many of their members will be celebrating
many of their achievements not least their successful anti-privatisation campaign.
Labour Day is a day that workers around the world workers celebrate their achievements,
fair pay, worker rights and the ongoing fight against inequality. The battle of equal wages
for women continues and all unions continue in their commitment to this end.
Mr Heath Mitchell says, Unions all over the world, continue to fight against tyrannical
governments. Each year more and more enlightened government get elected because of
workers activism. Unions will continue to speak out when workers rights are attacked for
profit. We will speak out on behalf of and alongside of workers all around the world who
will not go home because of unsafe conditions and those that do who have been badly
beaten or tortured for standing up for themselves and their colleagues.
Mr Heath Mitchell acknowledges the work carried out by members and the community to
defeat the most right wing LNP government Queensland has seen. The Unions support a
return to a Westminster model of government. Workers in Queensland now have a majority
of MPs who are opposed to privatisation, committed to restoring workers rights, sticking
up for workers on low wages and defending the services that the most vulnerable in the
community rely on. It is union members who stand with those people who continue to be
marginalised and attacked by the Federal Government.
Unions will continue to speak out and speak up for Women rights, marriage equality and
the protection of children.
Mr Heath Mitchell says the free trade Union movement is one of the cornerstones of all
great democracies and for a society that works for all of us not just the few. Queensland
and Australia are fortunate to have so many prepared to make sacrifices to make a better
life for all. Labour Day is a chance to renew that commitment.
Mr Heath Mitchell encourages all to join us for food, drink, music, dancing and a lot of
We will see you all there. Bring a smile and your family.
4:30pm Saturday 2May, Fogarty Park, Cairns
Contact : Heath Mitchell 0400 070 316
Authorised Heath Mitchell, QCU Cairns



Cairns Stingrays Swimming Club celebrated the official opening of their new gymnasium and outdoor training facility

Member for Cairns Rob Pyne attended the official opening and congratulated the club for opening-up more sporting opportunities to the community.

Mr Pyne said the Queensland Government had contributed almost $88,000 towards the construction of the gym and outdoor undercover training area.

“The new gymnasium and training facilities will not only benefit the Cairns Stingrays Swimming Club, but also the Mud Crabs Senior Swim Club and the general public who use the venue,” Mr Pyne said.

“These facilities will also be made available for use by physiotherapists, emergency services personnel, armed forces personnel, schools and community groups and will be a great improvement to the club.”

The facilities were funded through the Get Playing program – part of the Get in the Game initiative to support grassroots sport and recreation.

There are four funding programs that provide clubs with better resources, equipment and facilities as well as giving children who might not otherwise be able to afford it, the opportunity to play sport. 

Mr Pyne said he was sure the community would take advantage of the new facilities.

“Anything that encourages greater participation in sport is to be warmly welcomed,” he said.


“The Woree Pool has really become a major sporting hub for the Cairns community and it is great to see its facilities continue to grow.”

For more information on Get in the Game, visit

Towards a cleaner, greener energy future!

The Palaszczuk Government plans to unlock the untapped potential of Queensland’s biofuels and bio-manufacturing industries to help power the state towards a cleaner, greener energy future and create more job opportunities.

Energy Minister Mark Bailey said State Cabinet had given the green light for government to explore ways to expand Queensland’s biofuels.

“The economic and environmental benefits of ethanol is recognised around the world and we want Queensland to be part of this sustainable energy solution,” Mr Bailey said.

“That’s why we plan to release a Discussion Paper on biofuels and bio-manufacturing and will be consulting widely on ways to extract the best out of the industry. 

“As part of our plan to steer the state towards a sustainable energy future, it is intended to require the big oil companies to make available an ethanol blend in their fuel.

“The use of an ethanol blend will need to be rolled out, over time, in line with production capacity. That way, we are best-placed to ensure that any ethanol used and sold in Queensland comes from Queensland.

“Regular unleaded petrol will still be widely available at petrol stations in Queensland.

“If drivers don’t want to use ethanol fuels, they won’t have to.”

Treasurer and Minister for Employment Curtis Pitt said biofuels and bio-manufacturing represented a significant industry development and regional development opportunity for Queensland.

“There is strong interest from a range of private sector proponents who view biofuels and bio-manufacturing as a viable investment opportunity,” he said.

“This is backed by a joint Deloitte Access Economics/QUT study, which predicts bio-refining in all its forms could contribute more than $1.8 billion in gross state product to Queensland over the next 20 years, while creating up to 6,640 full-time jobs.

“That’s why we’re calling on the Commonwealth to continue its Ethanol Production Grants Program beyond June 30 this year.”


Environment Minister Steven Miles said the Palaszczuk Government’s biofuels consultation built on Labor’s broader commitment to renewables.

“We have committed to a renewable energy study that will investigate a 50 per cent renewable energy target for Queensland by 2030 and ways to create an export-orientated renewable energy economy,” Dr Miles said.

Dr Miles said he wanted to make sure a new ethanol initiative was well aligned with existing policy initiatives because there was a link between sugarcane farming and the health of the reef.

The Queensland Government will explore giving government recognition to industry environmental accreditation programs, and then to providing preferential market access to canegrowers who have implemented sustainable practices. 

A Discussion Paper on growing Queensland’s biofuels and bio-manufacturing industries will be released in late May, to coincide with forums across Queensland in key locations. A Bill will also be introduced into State Parliament. 

Media Contact:  Minister Bailey’s Office 0438 768 734


The decision to reject Cairns dredging proposal a great outcome for Reef and tourism!

WWF Australia has warmly welcomed the Queensland Government’s announcement today that it won’t support plans for a major dredging project in Cairns.

The Cairns cruise ship terminal project was first proposed in 2012, and would have involved dredging 4.4 million cubic metres of seabed within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. The dredge waste would have been dumped at sea or on the sensitive East Trinity peninsula.

“This is a great decision for the Great Barrier Reef and the Cairns economy, since it will prevent millions of tonnes of dredge spoil from being dumped in the sensitive marine environment of the Great Barrier Reef,” said WWF-Australia Great Barrier Reef Campaigner Louise Matthiesson.

“By refusing to subsidise this unnecessary cruise ship terminal, the state government is making the right decision for the environment and the economy. mo_dumping_dredge_material_cairns_harbour_800x600

“The Environmental Impact Statement for the project, also released today, clearly shows that the project would have had massive environmental impacts, for very little economic benefit, and come at great cost to the taxpayer.

“The Cairns tourism industry can benefit from cruise ship visits without the need for this damaging dredging project.

“The Queensland Government should be congratulated for listening to and responding to the best available science and economics on this issue.

“The Premier committed to a strong package of policies to help save the Reef prior to the election. Today’s announcement shows that the new Government is acting to fulfill those promises.

“Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt has also played an important role in securing this outcome, by developing new regulations banning sea-dumping of dredge spoil in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

“Minister Hunt has spoken out against the Cairns port plan to dump spoil at sea and taken steps to prevent the spoil being placed in the Marine Park.

“On the basis of the new evidence in the EIS, we trust he will also rule out onshore disposal at East Trinity and refuse to grant a federal environmental approval for the project.

“The next step is for the Queensland and Federal governments to introduce new laws that ban the dumping of dredge spoil across the entire World Heritage Area, before the World Heritage Committee meets in Germany this June,” Ms Matthiesson said.

UNESCO is due to release a draft decision next month on whether the Great Barrier Reef should be declared ‘World Heritage in danger’.

A final decision will be made by the Word Heritage Committee at its annual meeting from 28 June to 8 July 2015.

Pyne applauds Queensland decision to join medical cannabis trial

Member for Cairns, Rob Pyne has welcomed the announcement that Queensland will join New South Wales and Victoria in clinical trials for the use of medical cannabis. images

Mr. Pyne said there has been considerable debate about the benefits of medical cannabis treatment both in Australia and overseas.

“I know there are a lot of people who are interested in using medical cannabis to treat certain conditions and illnesses,” he/she said.RobProfilePic

“That’s why I’m pleased that the Premier has listened to Queenslanders and is working in collaboration with the New South Wales Government so we can take part in the trial.

“The trial will be coordinated by NSW Health, and will allow Queensland and national experts to look more deeply into the issue.

“This means we can contribute to getting a broad picture of what benefits the treatment can provide, and what conditions respond favourably and unfavourably.

“We’ve listened to patients and their families who want to be active participants in this trial and we have an open mind as to the structure and size of our trial.

“While there is research being done in New South Wales and Victoria, our involvement can lead to a more comprehensive assessment of the matters involved.”

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